Saturday, August 21, 2010

CM speaketh The Times of India

The Times of India
Aug 21, 2010
'IT companies must develop software with Marathi fonts'

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MUMBAI: With the Shiv Sena and the MNS constantly championing the Marathi cause, the Congress-led Democratic Front government has now joined the fray.

On Friday, chief minister Ashok Chavan asked IT firms to prepare a common software for Marathi fonts to give Marathi global recognition.

Speaking at an IT awards ceremony by the industries department on Friday, Chavan said, "We would like IT firms to develop softwares with Marathi fonts that will be globally accepted,'' adding that Marathi is used in all government and semi-government organisations as an official language.

The Sena led BMC will fund a Marathi unicode project to promote the use of the language within and outside the civic HQ. The unicode, developed by a private firm Shodh Marathicha, is a tool to help computers recognize the Marathi script.