Wednesday, April 29, 2015

to alka Irani --see and delete ??

Dear Alka ji,
As discussed earlier, I want to deal with the following subject during my visit on 14 th
The key-board layout for Indian Languages, known as INSCRIPT layout is superior to many other layouts and in fact adopted as a standard by BIS as early as in 1991. GoI in their own wisdom kept it sidelined, for several years, till, by chance LINUX system managers started appreciating for its simplicity and finally it was adopted for Unicode. Thus now this layout has become internet compatible too. Though GoI is yet to accord any patronage to it, I for one look at it as an opportunity to our millions of poverty-stuck children who for various reasons will not or may not like to learn our languages through English or Roman script.
With this reason in mind I thought it a good idea to take 2 messages to a prime Institute like yours
1)      That leaning this method is so simple that it can excite the students by its shear simplicity and quick-learning., thus giving them a useful tool almost instantaneously.
2)      Its potential to unify the knowledge-base from all Indian languages.

For your reading I am giving the following URLs for ciculating.  Pl let me know your personal comments on them.
 -- LM
Dear All,
Please find attached information on International Conference on Science Communication in Hindi scheduled on May 29-30, 2012 at New Delhi.
For more information, please log on
All are requested to send abstract for this conference.
Please circulate this information among your students, friends and other networks.
Nimish Kapoor

Thanks & Regards,

Yours sincerely,

Nimish Kapoor
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