Sunday, August 24, 2008

इनस्क्रिप्ट की बोर्ड अभ्यास 2 ---- देखें विडियो

Most Indian authors do not know a simple trick to learn the typing of all Indian Languages -- Learn in less than half an hour. Learn the INSCRIPT way all in 1 go. This is a key board layout totally user-friendly. No need to go thru typing classes.
इस विषय पर 2 विडियो देखें --
भाग 1
भाग 2
इनस्क्रिप्ट की बोर्ड अभ्यास 2
प,र,ह,य, ि ु
बाबा, पापा, पर, पार, फार, बार, भार, बारबार, भरभराकर, गरगर, घरघर, भरभर, चराचर, गागर, टरटर, डरकर, खटपट, झटपट,
पहिया, बढिया, खटिया, तकिया, दया, दिया, पराया, किराया, गिराया,
टिकटिकी, बबीता, पपीता, बाजी, भाजी, फिदा,
हाक, हात, हाच, हाट, हाफ, हज, हाजी, हाड,
दुख, दुपहर, कबूतर, तरबूज, खरबूज, दुखिया, दुखभरी, हरीभरी,

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Anonymous said...

Basically,while typing Hindi In Inscript we are following English keyboard letters phonetically.

Why not type in the language of transliteration? This may strengthen children's phonetic spell ability.
for example:
Meraa Bhaarata mahaan hai.

See IAST Pronunciation key
Gujalish.......Do google search