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EuroAsian Business- Structured Networking Concept- last updated on 13 March. 08

th EuroAsian Entrepreneurship and Management Network Conference



11 June 2008, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Llotja de Mar, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce,


EuroAsian Barcelona Conference Advisory Board

Josep Ma Cervera Casanovas (Chamber of Commerce Barcelona, Spain), Sudhir K.

Jain (Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India), Paul Melessen (Hogeschool

van Amsterdam, Netherlands), Ujjwal K Chowdhury (Symbiosis International

University, Pune, India), Willem Viets (INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences,

Netherlands), Vijay Nagpaul (R.R.Nagpaul Academy of Inclusive Development,

EuroAsian Business, Netherlands), Bert Twaalfhoven (European Foundation of

Entrepreneurship Research, Netherlands), René Orij (Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands).

Designed and Chaired by Vivek Nagpaul

R.R. Nagpaul Academy of Inclusive Development, EuroAsian Business

The Netherlands, Tel. +31 346 250530, India +91 522 2627905,

E-mail: Vivek01@planet.nl,

Conference website: http://home.planet.nl/~nagpa000/


Welcome to the EuroAsian Entrepreneurship and Management Network

Conference and Seminar Series

My name is Vivek Nagpaul, promoter of the EuroAsian Network, designer and chairman

of the EuroAsian conference and seminar series. I warmly welcome you to participate in

our conferences. In this paper we will provide more background information on the

EuroAsian Business, the R.R.Nagpaul Academy of Inclusive Development and EuroAsian

Network. We will inform you about our current activities and opportunities we see for

your collaboration/contribution our business of education, in the education, training and

research of business, and, to invite your organization to participate

So why do we organize this conference? Well to answer this I wish to share that

networking has always been my passion. This happened naturally, as right since my

childhood days in India, due to my father’s (Vijay Nagpaul) transferable job of judge

advocate in the Indian Armed Forces which meant that the family moved every 3 to 4

years across India. This helped me to learn adapting skills as I was continuously exposed

to new people and places. I came to Holland about 17 years back for higher studies, and

have stayed on since. I have conceived the EuroAsian Network in December 2005 when I

was preparing a list of my contacts to send a New Year greeting and realized that it was

running into several hundreds of individual. It occurred to me, that I should

systematically organize and consolidate some of the best minds and personalities in

some sort of a “brains trust” and because I was well familiar with the domains of

Entrepreneurship and Management due to my job then as Lecturer Business

Administration at Leiden University, I decided to focus on this area, and launch the

EuroAsian conference series as a platform for reinforcing these contacts and making new

ones. But, I did not want to have an unstructured conference with large numbers,

unknown people, no idea of what will happen, no focused agenda for exploring research

and business opportunities, and often not even a list of participants. I develop then a

structured networking concept and announced it at the High Level EU-India conference in

Brussels. Using this concept in this conference:

We will bring thought leaders from Industry and Academia

together and create a real dialogue on doing research, educational

and training business with Students in India, Europe and USA. We

make this happen by using a structured networking concept

pioneered by EuroAsian Business with a view to throw up

actionable insights on opportunities, issues and challenges for

successfully developing and managing collaborations, ventures

and human resources.


We are organizing a series of international conferences, roundtables and seminars to

facilitate structured networking between industry, academia and policy makers in relation

to discussing research and educational opportunities in Doing Business with India and

Europe. Two conferences have been held in the Netherlands and India. The 1st

conference was held on 13th June 2006 at the Royal Tropical Institute in

Amsterdam, the 2nd conference in New Delhi at the India International Centre, and the

rd in Amsterdam, at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. In these earlier conferences we

have successfully tested some of the elements (workshops) of this concept, for

developing and managing collaborations, new ventures and human resources.

Opportunities and Expected Contributions

• To share best-practice and research insights on the issues and challenges involved

in developing and managing collaborations, business ventures and human

resources in relation to doing research, training and educational business.

• To enable the students to get an orientation on the internship and career

opportunities in relation to Doing International Business.

• To consolidate INDIA related research and business development by aligning

existing networks from the innovation, entrepreneurship and human resource

development focusing on the creation of new products and services.

• To build new linkages and reinforce existing ties and examine how you could

contribute in the (research) projects launched by the R.R.Nagpaul Academy of

Inclusive Development, EuroAsian Business. For more details see appendix 2


CEOs, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship, Internationalization Professionals

• To examine opportunities in the educational and human resource development

domains, and suggest some concrete issues to develop a (research) project.

• To explore how EuroAsian Business can assist by using the network in developing

and implementing your organization’s internationalisation strategy. For more

details see appendix 1 hereunder.

• Explore opportunities to organize business plan competitions, workshops,

seminars and training programmes.


University chancellors, presidents, deans, international directors, academic

coordinators and heads of academia-industry relationships

• To discuss educational issues of quality improvement, accreditation, student and

faculty exchange, job and internships, with conference participants and throw up

some actionable insights.

• To explore research and educational opportunities in the area of collaborations

involving knowledge institutions and companies, human resource development,

entrepreneurship and service science. See also appendices 1 and 2 hereunder.

EuroAsian Entrepreneurship and Management Network Conference and Seminar

Series- Agenda for 2008

Business and Academic Mission to India (6-12 April 2008) and conferences

th EuroAsian conference in Bangalore, India

7 April 2008- Bangalore, Doing Business with Europe (approx.150 participants),

International School of Business and Media, http://www.isbm.ac.in

th EuroAsian conference in Pune, India

9 April 2008- Pune, Doing Business with Europe (approx. 200 participants), Symbiosis

International University, Pune, http://www.simc.edu

th EuroAsian conference in New Delhi, India

11 April. 2008 - New Delhi, Doing Business with Europe (approx. 160 participants),

Indian Institute of Technology, http://www.iitd.ernet.in

th EuroAsian conference in Barcelona, Spain

11 June 2008- Barcelona, Doing Business with India Conference (approx. 100

participants, Chamber of Commerce. http://www.cambrabcn.es/

th EuroAsian conference in The Netherlands

13 June 2008 –Amsterdam, Doing Business with India Conference (approx. 200

participants, venue to be finalized).

th EuroAsian conference in the United Kingdom

16 June 2008-London, Doing Business with India Conference (approx. 100 participants,

venue to be finalized).


10th EuroAsian conference in Boston, USA

19 June 2008- Boston, USA, Doing Business with India Conference (approx. 150

participants, venue to be finalized).

11th EuroAsian conferences in Beijing, China

11 August 2008- Beijing- EuroAsian Seminar on Sports and Events Management

(approx. 100 participants)

12th EuroAsian conferences in Shanghai, China

14 August 2008- Shanghai- EuroAsian Seminar on Sports and Events Management

(approx. 100 participants)

13th EuroAsian conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

30 October 2008 –Amsterdam, Doing Business with India and USA Conference (approx.

200 participants, venue to be finalized).

14th EuroAsian conference in Boston, USA

3 and 4 November 2008- Boston, USA, Doing Business with India and Europe

Conference (approx. 250 participants, venue to be finalized).

15th EuroAsian conference in London, United Kingdom

7 November 2008-London, Doing Business with India and USA Conference (approx. 150

participants, venue to be finalized).

16th EuroAsian conference in New Delhi, India

10 November 2008, New Delhi, Doing Business with Europe and USA (approx. 300

participants, venue to be finalized).

17th EuroAsian conference in Hyderabad, India

12 November 2008, Hyderabad, Doing Business with Europe and USA (approx. 200

participants, venue to be finalized).

18th EuroAsian conference in Pune,India

14 November 2008-Mumbai, Doing Business with Europe and India, (approx. 400

participants, venue to finalized).



Workshops Topics/speakers1

08.30 Registration, coffee

09.00 Conference opening Conference welcome, by Josep Ma Cervera

09.30 Workshop 1

Chair: Vivek Nagpaul

10.15 Coffee break

10.45 Workshop 2

Chair: Josep Ma

Cervera Casanovas

Casanovas and Vivek Nagpaul


Internationalisation activities of the Chamber of

Commerce in Relation to India by Josep Ma

Cervera Casanovas

R.R. Nagpaul Academy of Inclusive Development:

overview conference programme and ongoing

India projects by Vivek Nagpaul (see also appendix


Internationalisation and Quality Management in

Higher Education by Anne Zannatta

Facilitating Change in the Professional Services

Industry by Vivek Nagpaul

Panel discussion & conclusions


TATAs Global Strategy: Developing and Managing

Collaborations with Companies / Institutions by

Vijay Nagpaul (see also appendix 2, project 7


Leveraging knowledge networks, and learning

communities to deliver knowledge consulting

services to buyers and subcontractors in the Auto

industry by Vivek Nagpaul

Business opportunities for SME's in ICT

Outsourcing in India

Fixing Problems in Outsourcing

Blue Ocoen Strategy in the Auto Sector by Asad


Discussion with speakers

 Some of the speakers have yet to confirm


13.15 Lunch

14.30 Workshop 3

Chair: Vivek Nagpaul

15.30 Break

16.00 Workshop 4

Chair: Vijay Nagpaul


The Significance of Partnerships with Academia

and Industry in the tourism industry by Anne

Zannatta and Vivek Nagpaul

Forging Academia-Academia and Industry-
Academic Collaborations between INDIA and

Spain: The significance of Communication Quality

by Vivek Nagpaul

Countries, Corporations and Cultures in a

Globalizing World by Paul Melessen


EuroAsian Strategic Human Resource

Management: Our Value Proposition for


by Vijay Nagpaul

Intercultural communication and management by

Vivek Nagpaul

Talent Management by Amerjit Walia

EuroAsian Executive Workshops in Human

Resource Development and Management by Vivek

Nagpaul (see also appendix 1)

Discussion with speakers, conclusions and action


17.00 Workshop 5

Chair: Ujjwal



Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Drucker

Revisited by Vivek Nagpaul

European Cure and Care Cases from Practice:

Opportunities for India by Vivek Nagpaul

Discussion with speakers, conclusions and action

agenda, Vote of thanks

18.00 Workshop 6 HERITAGE INDIA

FLAMINDIA Dance concert by Sharmini


 See also in U tube: Sharmini Kathak


Opportunities to present scientific papers and business reports

International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business

We are glad to inform that there will be a special issue of papers selected and accepted

by the reviewing committee comprising of some members of the Advisory committee and

some other key people participating in the EuroAsian knowledge platform working in this

field. For more information on the journal, and a call for papers please see


International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal

We are glad to inform that we will be able to review and recommend a few papers

directly by our reviewing committee comprising of some members of the Advisory

committee and some other key people participating in the EuroAsian knowledge platform

working in this field. For more information on the special issues of this journal and a call

for papers please see http://www.uv.es/iemj/

List of topics by Research and Business Development Groups

Social Science Research and Business Development Group

Managing transitions from an agrarian to an industrial economy, economic history,

developmental economics, environmental science, sociology, renewable energy, regional

development, firm clusters, human resource development, training manufacturing skills,

soft skills training, starting a small business, running a small business, networking,

corporate social initiatives, corporate cause promotions, cause-related marketing,

corporate social marketing, corporate philanthropy, community volunteering, socially

responsible business practices, marketing approach for winning corporate funding and

support for social initiatives.

ICT Outsourcing and Service Science Research and Business Development

Innovation by global sourcing, developing service curriculum, Blue ocean strategy,

Scenario driven business planning, Partnerships for innovation, Rationale for global

sourcing, Corporate innovation laboratories and learning factories, Creativity and idea

generation, Entrepreneurial networking, Evaluating and developing entrepreneurial

competences, Education and training in service science, Success and failure issues.


Human Resource Development and Skills Training Research and Business

Development Group

Soft skills for international business, skills for manufacturing sector, skills training for

service sector, strategic human resource management and development, talent

development, Employability, Mobility, Performance Management, Human capital and

organisational development, E-HRM, HR-Balanced Scorecard, Executive search,

Designing learning environments, Knowledge management, Facilitating and supporting

learning and unlearning, developing an HRD plan, assessment and development of

entrepreneurial competences, Courses in entrepreneurship, Business plan competitions,

Entrepreneurial culture, managing global events, organizing exploratory missions.

Strategy and Alliances Research and Business Development Group

Making the competition irrelevant, Technology Alliances, Outsourcing Alliances, Marketing

Alliances, Equity Alliances, Joint Venture, Merges and Acquisitions, Small Firm networks,

Communication quality, cultural fit, relational fit, strategic compatibility, human fit,

collaboration within dispersed teams, performance of alliances, audit of alliances, credit

risk management, Use of ICT in alliances, Technology transfer, Knowledge networks,

learning communities, corporate universities.

Business and Academic Missions and Conferences- Business Development Group

Partner search and match-making, management team, venture finance, business

planning, feasibility studies, executing business plans, corporate entrepreneurship,

creativity and idea generation, entrepreneurial networking, structured networking.

Table 1: Conference Deadlines

Item Deadline

Payment of conference fees and short CV 15 April 2008

Full paper/presentation 15 May 2008

Final paper and presentation 30 May 2008

Submissions are encouraged from thoughts leaders from academia and business as also

MBA course participants. Hereunder is a list of topics that you might consider (and these

are surely not exhaustive). Please send your draft paper/presentation (no more than

500 words), with a short CV no later than 15 April 2008.

Academic Papers – These include mainly accomplished research results and have a

maximum of 5,000 words. Presenters are required to submit extended abstracts of


between 800-1,000 words maximum. We would like to receive the full

paper/presentation in PowerPoint, no later than 30 May 2008, and please not be more

than 10 slides.

Practitioner Presentations – These include mainly demonstrations of successful

business practices. Presenters are required to submit outlines of up to 500 words

maximum together with a presentation with a maximum of 5 slides. Also we would like a

one-liner that introduces or provides the gist of the presentation.

Short Papers – These contain implementation information or work-in-progress and have

a maximum of 2,500 words. Presenters are required to submit an abstract of 500 words

maximum together with a presentation with a maximum of 5 slides. Also we would like a

one-liner that introduces or provides the gist of the presentation.

Table 2: Registration fees

Participant Fees

Participants from Business € 300

Participants from Academia € 200

Students (including former students) € 100

50% refunds of the Registration Fee will be made upon written cancellations received and

acknowledges by the conference chair till 15 May 2008. This conference is furthermore

by invitation only. Invitation can be secured by recommending anyone else who has not

directly received the invite from the chair and the host. No refund of fees will be made

after 17th May 2008.

Not included in conference fees

• Travel and hotel reservation (for suggestions see website:


• Copies of articles, handouts, presentation slides etc. Please make them

yourselves and bring along to the conference for circulation?

• Airport pick-up or transport to or back from the venue.

Payment details: Will be provided to you, or send email to Vivek01@planet.nl


Appendix 1: EuroAsian Business School (EBS)

Purpose EBS is a virtual B-school, a fully owned unit of EuroAsian Business. In this

Membership Our business network includes thought leaders, scientists, executives,

Sector focus

and services


and curriculum




parcel services

table we will provide more information on the services offered by EuroAsian

Business School in collaboration with (selected) members of the EuroAsian

Entrepreneurship and Management Network.

entrepreneurs and (former) course and workshop participants of Vivek in the

field of Entrepreneurship and Management. This network has been

developed over a period of three decades during the course of Vivek

Nagpaul, founder and CEO of EuroAsian Business, activities across Europe,

Asia and USA. Present informal membership is over 1100, and global reach

is over 50 countries, with a pan India focus, Netherlands and Spain. We

invite you to let us know in which elements your organization would want to

(further) collaborate with us.

We specialize in the Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Development and

Management fields, and are active in the sectors of Education, IT, Media,

Steel, Agriculture and Healthcare. We provide:

i) Consultancy services to facilitate the initial contact (in the partnering

process) to develop collaborations with Indian and European knowledge

organisations, and specialize in academia-academia and industry-
academic partnerships.

ii) Business services for European and Indian companies and organizations

to target India or Europe, with Netherlands as a gateway for foreign

investment, and for launching their European operations. These include

recruitment, selection and training of staff and executives.

iii) Academic and business delegations to India, Europe and USA to explore

opportunities for collaboration, including joint programmes, staff and

student exchange, but also (new) business development.

iv)Courses, training, roundtables and workshops on topics related to

Entrepreneurship and Management, for educational institutes and


v) Interim management of professional (educational), public (hospitals, city

government, embassies and chambers of commerce) service institutions.

Our specialization is in the Education of Business, and we do this for both

the technical and non technical domains. We can help knowledge

organizations (educational institutions and companies as well as training

companies) in programme and curriculum development, organizing

international guest lectures/workshops/training and expert

meetings/international conferences and by helping provide immediate

access to world-class faculty and trainers on most of the subjects. EuroAsian

Business has pioneered, the professor parcel service, and like any of the

good couriers we can deliver up to 100 world-class professors at the venue

of your choice across the globe within a week to conduct programmes, once

we commit in the domain of Entrepreneurship and Management. Let’s do a





Courses &




& Talent


Examples of some topics we can offer in different formats, from an MBA

program, a Masters level course over 4-days, short courses of 20-40hrs, or

executive workshops, and roundtable conferences of business and academic

leaders. Some examples of items we have handled in collaboration with our

partners/clients before:

- Executive programme in Management, Change and Culture

- Executive programme in Strategic Human Resource Management

- Executive programme in Entrepreneurship

- Course-Strategic Human Resource Management

- Course- Organisation and Management

- Course- New Business Ventures

- Course-Human Resource Development

- Course- Entrepreneurial Management in ICT & Life Sciences

- Course- Organisational Behaviour & Leadership

- Course- Managing Change

- Course- Doing Business with India

- Workshop- Cross-cultural communications and negotiations

- Workshop- Competence Management

- Workshop- Cross Cultural Communications with Indian IT professionals

- Workshop- Doing Business with Spain

- Roundtable- Developing and Managing Educational Ventures

We help in talent search, placement and training to ensure that our client

(companies or educational organizations) are not only able to attract and

develop, but also motivate, make perform and retain their leadership talent.

We have conducted various assignments on the recruitment of executive

MBA and Masters level participants for 2 Dutch Universities all over India.

We would like to work with companies on the theme of leadership and talent

development programs. We have conducted over 3000hrs of management

training, as part of our courses and workshops across Holland, and also in

India, Germany and Spain.

Contact details EuroAsian Business

Drs. Vivek Nagpaul, CEO

Wilhelminastraat 5, 3621 VD Breukelen, The Netherlands

E-mail Vivek01@planet.nl

India: +91 (0) 522 2627905

Netherlands: Tel. +31 (0)346 250530


R.R. Nagpaul

Academy of






Examples of

projects we


Appendix 2: R.R. Nagpaul Academy of Inclusive Development

EuroAsian Business School has consolidated its research activities within the

R.R.Nagpaul Academy of Inclusive Development. This INDIA focused centre

of excellence coordinates research activities using inputs from the EuroAsian

Entrepreneurship and Management Network. Our activities and services are

designed to meet the needs of academia, government and industry.

We have earmarked €50k for 2008 to execute these programs. We invite

proposals for partnership and will be seeking investment from outside

parties. For this purpose we are organizing 4 seminars in India in the period

3-7 March 2008 in Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune, and invite you

to participate. Send us an email to request more details.

1. INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences- TATA STEEL/CORUS

2. Sustainable regional development

3. Fuel efficient small cars, clean services and climate change

4. Mobility for the physically challenged

5. Internships in the domain of child education and character building

6. Entrepreneurship and management in healthcare

7. Tata Group: Associations with global companies / institutions

8. Fund raising for building 2nd campus of St.Xaviers College, Kolkata

We owe it to our customers for supporting us over the years, and seek to be

better everyday in delivering value to them and their stakeholders. Our main

customers are Universities, Business Schools, City Governments,

Multinational companies and SMEs.

Examples of some projects:

i) Cross cultural Communication Training for Managers of a Dutch bank in

dealing with Indian providers of ICT services

ii) Promotion of graduate and MBA programmes of Universities and Business

schools in India from the Netherlands.

iii)Preparation and coordination of a delegation visit of academic leaders

from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences to develop collaborations in


iv)Organisation and facilitation of information meetings on Doing Business in

India, and of Roundtables in related to developing specific ventures for a

City Government in the Netherlands.

v)Conducting feasibility study to start an educational Institute in India on

behalf of a consulting firm which could involve a consortium of Dutch and

Indian Universities, and vocational training organizations.

vi)Finding an IT company in Bangalore to carry out advanced research work

for an Italian firm.

vii)Working on a policy review of the Catalan healthcare system in the area

of elderly care for a Dutch policy research organization.

viii) Executive coaching of a manager and partner of a Dutch industrial

company on living and working in Spain, for a cross cultural communication

and management consulting firm.


Director’s Welcome

Why this name?

I am Lt. Col.(Retd.) Vijay Nagpaul, son of Late Sri R.R.Nagpaul who was a very

successful entrepreneur in Lahore (now in Pakistan) before joining India’s freedom

movement led by Mahatma Gandhi in the 1930s till India won its independence from the

British on 15th August 1947. We dedicate our Academy of Inclusive Development to Sri.

R.R. Nagpaul and to all those individuals who have fought and continue to fight for

India’s freedom, its security and for inclusive development in a socially and

environmentally responsible manner.

What we do?

R.R. Nagpaul Academy of Inclusive Development (from hereon -Academy) is a virtual

research and business development centre in the domain of Entrepreneurship and

Management. For industry, government and knowledge institutions we offer a full service

proposition. This could entail being a knowledge partner on Asia for a University of

Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, promoting a Trade Management Programme in

Amsterdam, conducting a market research for a new bachelors programme on

Horticulture in India, a feasibility study for a City government in Holland to set up an

academic institution in consortium with Dutch and Indian educational institutions and

industry in Bangalore, or providing faculty inputs as part of an international week

programme for a University of Applied Sciences in Nordhausen in Germany, or, interim

management to help a research university to internationalize and professionalize its top

management and be more impact in research and world-class in quality of education.

How we do it?

We do this by leveraging our core competencies in programme design and management,

and, getting the inputs from or through our EuroAsian network in the domain of

Entrepreneurship and Management. We are the partners of choice for industry,

academia and government, when it comes to bringing together thought leaders from

across the globe to have a real dialogue on doing research and educational business and

throw up actionable insights on how to successfully develop and manage collaborations,

new ventures and human resources and also assist them in realizing this. For this we

organize structured meetings based on a concept EuroAsian Business has pioneered in

2005 and tested twice in Netherlands and India. We have 20 international conferences


planned this year in India, China, USA and Europe and we wish to invite your

organization to participate.

Course participants, be it academic or business leaders, MBA students or graduate

students, are the heart of our work. Enabling them to identify, seize and deliver value

and wealth creation to all stakeholders, in a socially and environmentally responsible is

the reason that we exist. The rest is just part of creating the conditions to make this

Please review some of our ongoing projects hereunder and let us how your organization

can participate in this. These projects are organized in the following research and

business development groups:

1. Social Science

2. IT Outsourcing and Service Science

3. Human Resource Development

4. Strategy, Join Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions

5. Business and Academic Missions, Conferences and Leadership Summits

Sector focus

We have decided to create the following sector specific research programs which are

closely tied to our Business and Academic Missions to India and Europe and related

conferences and seminars.

1. Steel

2. Higher education, corporate training and developmental cooperation

3. ICT enabled services

4. Automotive

5. Healthcare, Elderly Care and mobility for the physically challenged

6. Life Sciences (including medical and biotechnology)

7. Horticulture, renewable energy, clean products and climate change

Next we provide you information on how the conference tracks/workshops are tied into

this research and business development effort to develop a “brains trust” and foster

knowledge creation, utilization and commercialization in these areas and related research

projects be it purely academic, or more in items like sector specific market studies and

policy research.


1) Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Management team, Entrepreneurial management, Entrepreneurial finance,

Implementation issues of business plans, Corporate entrepreneurship, Creativity and idea

generation, Entrepreneurial networking, Evaluating and developing entrepreneurial

competences, Programme/courses in entrepreneurship, Business plan competitions,

Entrepreneurial culture, Entrepreneurship education & training, Success and failure

Related networks

Vivek Nagpaul is a founding member and promoter of the European Doctoral Program on

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Alumni network (for more details)

http://selene.uab.es/edp/alumni.htm and we will invite some persons from this network

in depending on the requirement, to participate in our Entrepreneurship

(research)activities. In relation to India, for this research we work with Dr. S.K. Jain,

from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

2) International Trade and Commerce, Collaborations, Mergers & Acquisitions

Technology strategy, R& D alliances, New product development, Outsourcing, Alliance

management and control, Working and communicating effectively in collaborations,

Performance of alliances, Use of ICT in Partnerships, Cross-cultural communication and

management, Motivation, Use and Functioning of alliances, Third party use in crafting

and managing inter-organizational relationships, Success and failure issues.

3) Recruiting, developing, utilizing and retaining talent

Strategic human resource management and development, Talent development,

Employability, Mobility, Performance Management, Human capital and organisational

development, E-HRM, HR-Balanced Scorecard, Executive search, business education &

training, Designing learning environments, Developing entrepreneurial and management

competencies, Knowledge management, Facilitating and supporting learning and

unlearning, HRD planning, Executive Business Education & Training, Success and failure

4) Outsourcing, R&D and innovation opportunities in Europe and India

Innovation by global sourcing, developing service curriculum, Blue ocean strategy,

Scenario driven business planning, Partnerships for innovation, Rationale for global


sourcing, Corporate innovation laboratories and learning factories, Creativity and idea

generation, Entrepreneurial networking, Evaluating and developing entrepreneurial

competences, Education and training in service science, Success and failure issues.

Contact details

R.R. Nagpaul Academy of Inclusive Development

Lt. Col. (Retd.), Vijay Nagpaul, Director

Drs. Vivek Nagpaul, Director Academia-Industry Relations

Wilhelminastraat 5, 3621 VD Breukelen

The Netherlands

E-mail vivek01@planet.nl

Netherlands telephone: + 31 (0)346 250530

India Telephone: +91 (0)522 2627905, ask for Lt.Col. (Retd.) Vijay Nagpaul

8 Specific Projects, Opportunities to collaborate

Next we will use provide more detail on one ongoing project we are doing for our lead

customer in Netherlands to explain how our research and business development groups

work in tandem to deliver enhanced value to ours customer and work to be better


Project 1: INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences- TATA STEEL/CORUS

We are very pleased to be entrusted with the responsibility by our client INHOLLAND

University of Applied Sciences to jointly work with them on a paper, scheduled to be

presented at the SteelRise conference between 27-29 February 2008 in Jamshedpur,

This project is part of our work for INHOLLAND as their advisor on India, which entails

that we enable them to develop academic partnerships with educational institutions (for

example EMPI Business School in New Delhi, and, St.Xaviers College in Kolkata) and with

large companies like TATA Steel but also small and medium sized Media companies like

Gaurang Films and Jagriti Arts. Let us now share how we provide value to our customers

as INHOLLAND using the research inputs and services of the Academy.

Research issue

INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences, asked our Academy to join them to

participate in a high level panel discussion on the topic of ‘Social Compulsions and

Economic Opportunities’ which has to do with problems confronting policy makers and


industrial investors in their search for a universally acceptable mode of transferring

agricultural land to industrial use, as is the case for TATA STEEL in India. This is because

the four Indian provinces where mineral resources for steelmaking are concentrated, and

where vast and rapid expansion of steel capacity is planned, are still largely agrarian

and/or forested.

In our paper we "Social Compulsions" and "Economic Opportunities" we will examine how

the expansion programme of TATA STEEL should take up these issues and resolve them

as best as possible in order to move ahead. We will examine how TATA Steel could forge

a partnership with its stakeholders and take all the people of the region along with them

on a path that should lead to inclusive prosperity and social progress. At the core of this

is the interplay between the issues such as food security; displacement of rural

populations; terms of ownership transfer and adequacy of compensation; re-skilling of

displaced farmers for absorption into the industrial and service sectors; environmental

degradation, etc. These have been and continue to be widely covered and argued in the

Indian media and parliament, and intellectuals and academics of all political hue –

including Dr. Amartya Sen – have written or spoken of them. We will examine the

experience that other nations, regions and companies have with respect to the process of

industrialization of predominantly agrarian societies and economies, and, surely built on

the success story of Jamshedpur. In this way we will come up with actionable insights

and contribute to this important debate in India. We will also bring this as a recurring

theme in our 20 plus events this year worldwide, and contribute knowledge inputs

through our network and offer TATA Steel and other stakeholder’s fresh perspectives to

effectively deal with these issues. In particular we are looking for a discussion on the

same in China which has enormous experience in similar situations, when we go there in

November and have two conferences in Beijing and Shanghai.

Our proposed solution and how we can make it happen

Our academy in collaboration with INHOLLAND will generate actionable insights and

prepare a report, which we will present together at STEEL RISES.

We have set up a three member team of authors, Vivek Nagpaul and Vijay Nagpaul from

the academy and Willem Viets from INHOLLAND to accomplish this task. Lt.Col (Retd.)

Nagpaul will coordinate the inputs from the Indian context, TATAs Jamshedpur model,

similar projects undertaken by government and industry and also look at this from a

public interests perspective.

Vivek Nagpaul and Willem Viets will focus on TATAs global strategy, corporate social and

environmental responsibility and coordinating the inputs from Europe from industry, and

industrial districts like the Gnosjö/Anderstorp industrial district in Sweden of similar

experiences, and look at the steel business in general like Mittal Steel, and


manufacturing skills in particular needed to grow the Steel industry in India. Further,

Vivek will contribute the inputs from the research groups as project manager to provide

an integrated solution, which will make the situation transform from a conflict scenario

that is now to partnership in progress. Let us now provide you an idea of how this work is

shaping up in the form of interim conclusions.

Conclusions of the paper to be presented at the STEELRISE Conference in

Jamshedpur, 27-29 February 2008, India

Social Compulsions and Economic Opportunities: A road map from

conflict of interests to partners in development


Vivek Nagpaul, Willem Viets (Director Internationalization, INHOLLAND

University of Applied Sciences) and Vijay Nagpaul (Director,R.R Nagpaul

Academy of Inclusive Development, EuroAsian Business)

1. Manufacturing more steel is the need of the hour for the development of India in

general and for the states where the capacity building is planned in particular,

both from economic and social perspective and the project must be pursued in

partnership with all the stakeholders.

2. The public at large should be educated of the benefits of industrialization which is

the primary need of the hour, and, inform about best practices of how

industrialized economies have managed this transition, and how other leading

companies have succeeded in doing the most good for their investors and their

pursue economic opportunities in a socially responsible manner. India at large

needs to double its efforts if we have to achieve the planned overall economic

growth rate of 9%.

3. Rehabilitation of the displaced farmers whose land is being acquired has to be

given a high priority to ensure inclusive development and to shift from an

agricultural to an industrial/service sector economy.

4. Provide farmers employment at the plants that are planned and related service

industries like railroads, hotels etc. that will come up which will require personnel

as well as housing facilities as part of the work package. The concerned

businesses including TATA Steel, the government, educational and training

institutions and bodies representing the farmer’s interests should become a Team

India and make this happen.

5. The farmers should be trained to start and grow a business to take full advantage

of the business opportunities that arise due to the demand for alternate housing,

roads, and other amenities needed to support the proposed expansion.

INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences and the EuroAsian Network in

Entrepreneurship and Management will invite and obtain inputs from academic

institutions and companies participating in our Entrepreneurship and Management

Network to support us in delivering entrepreneurship skills training to the

displaced farmers to start and successfully manage a business. As far as land is

concerned (alternate land), it should be the responsibility of the government, but

TATA Steel has to be responsible for the rehabilitation (alternate employment) to

make it more attractive to the farmers, who could then be more easily persuaded

to give their land willingly. We are ready to support TATA Steel in assuming this


responsibility, and to wage and win a war on employment, by in design and

implementation of (manufacturing) skills training programmes using inputs from

our EuroAsian Network of Entrepreneurship and Management.

6. For this purpose a training institute should be established to provide training (in

hard and soft skills) to the farmers and their wards and enhance their

employability, be it for TATA STEEL or the services industries that are going to

emerge due to the planned expansion. INHOLLAND University of Applied Science

would be the ideal partner for TATA STEEL also in India (it is already providing

significant inputs to Corus now a TATA STEEL company in the Netherlands.

7. EuroAsian Business, and its related initiatives (academy and the network) are

keen to become a preferred supplier to INHOLLAND when this unfolds. We can

easily deliver up 100 trainers/instructors, within a short notice anywhere in the

world, once we commit. Our Academy will be glad to facilitate and coordinate

training inputs from Dutch and Indian vocational training organizations to ensure

that TATA Steel and other businesses (also started by the farmers themselves)

will be able to employ the eligible farmers and their wards who have acquired the

requisite skills.

8. It will be advantageous for TATA Steel to employ the local work force as this will

reduce the demand for housing and related (medical) facilities, and pre-empt

further pressure on land. By employing the local workforce, TATA Steel will gain

powerful support to make a smooth transition as these people will become change

agents and goodwill ambassadors.

9. To overcome political objections and reduce social tensions the plans of the

company to establish a training institute focusing on Manufacturing and Service

sector Skills should be given top priority and publicity. Public relations campaigns

should be undertaken targeting political and community leaders to win over their

confidence and their participation.

10. The expansion in this manner will enable the whole area to prosper, as there will

be a high demand for infrastructure and transportation, services which will

provide further impetus to other industries and services to come in- (colleges and

schools, etc.), and accomplish overall development- of the region/area. And make

the initiative mutually beneficial to everyone.

11. TATA Steel should launch a determined mass media campaign to remove

misunderstandings and misgivings, and, once again let the people of India and

outside know that it is a benevolent industrial (business) house which has the

welfare of the people at heart. Throughout the history of the group TATA has

pioneered philanthropic work- free schools, subsidies in India and been a beacon

light for industry at large when it comes to corporate social responsibility in India.

12. If the state government(s) is unable to provide alternate housing, they should

provide good compensation and create a scheme to manage the money in a

manner that the farmer is secured of a basic income over a longer period of time

to cover basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. As in incentive the farmer

should receive support in pursuing a training programme, which only could be

used by her/him to attend a government approved and recommended training

programme. And alternative could be that TATA Steel is assisting in assuming the

responsibility of rehabilitation and training and this money is provided to them for

that purpose which should be monitored on a continuous basis to ensure that it

leads to the desired results. In this way the farmers who are being displaced of

the lands can be assisted in identifying and developing a business opportunity,

and provided the requisite training to significantly enhance their odds for


succeeding in establishing and running a business that will be sustainable over a

long period of time. EuroAsian Network of Entrepreneurship and Management has

over 10 years of experience in doing exactly this type of training and would be

glad to support TATA STEEL and INHOLLAND in ensuring that the displaced

farmers will realize a much better alternative means of livelihood and in this way

reduce social tensions and avail the economic opportunities and support Team

India transfer from an agrarian to a manufacturing/services economy.

13. INDIA will be left behind if we do not read the writing on the wall, and fail to

adequately prepare to complete with other growing economies like China, which is

making big strikes in international business. We are pleased to announce that we

will be organizing 6 international conferences in India and Europe using a

structured networking concept pioneered by EuroAsian Business, to have a real

dialogue with the different stakeholders to forge a partnership in progress. We

look forward to meeting you and talk about our initiative and your potential

contribution in the same.

Thank you for your attention! Please mail us your questions or comments?


Invitation to join us

As exemplified by the INHOLLAND- TATA Steel project, our Academy is keen to do similar

research for other companies and educational institutions.

We wish to be the research partner of industry, government and service institutions in

developing and managing international strategy, collaborations, ventures and human

resources. We are specialized in enabling Indian knowledge institutions and companies to

seek out and tap into the business opportunities Europe has to over and vice versa. Also

we are very active in the design of programmes and curriculum, based on sound research

within industry and in association with industry. In particular we have focused

programmes in entrepreneurship and management in the service sciences, healthcare,

automotive and international management domains. Using our expertise and network in

academia and industry we specialize in providing knowledge institutions and companies,

assistance in shaping and executive their internationalisation strategy for market entry

and growth in India and Europe, quality and accreditation issues for programmes as

Trade Management Asia, and in the area of Management, Change and Culture. Our

corporate social responsibility efforts are focused on 4 specific projects in the areas of

child and primary education, renewable energy, elderly care and mobility for the

physically challenged. Our research benefits from our work in the field and we use state-
of-the-art inputs and best practices we get out of our research to benefit the

communities we serve. We are constantly in search of professionals who could contribute

to this based on their drive, dedication, expertise, network and their ability to work in a

geographically dispersed team involving elements from industry and academia. The


opportunities for you, depending on your profile(s) are outlined in the section specific

opportunities earlier on in this paper.

Project 2: Sustainable regional development

One of our clients in the academic domain is a University for Applied Sciences in the

Netherlands. We have designed and coordinated a high level delegation including the

president and the director of internationalisation of this University to India in 2007.

Agenda was to establish partnerships with top Indian universities in two cities, and with

top industry, preferably a major Indian company with operations in the Netherlands. In

relation to this project we coordinate the agenda setting for our client with some

companies, small and large. We have held three rounds of discussion with the top advisor

of Tata Steel over the last few months and we realized the urgent need to develop

curriculum for institutions of higher education to meet in particular the skills needs of the

manufacturing industry.

Vivek Nagpaul has been interested in the topic of industrial districts and regional

development and worked with team of researchers from Portugal and Poland on

research looking at the Baden-Württenbuerg industrial district in Germany. Other joint

research with a team of researchers from Netherlands and USA looked at the cooperation

between firms, and the key success factors of alliances.

In the emerging new economies like India we see a great need for industry, academia

and government to discuss issues related o sustainable development and in particular we

see the need for more inclusive development. In relation to a high level conference,

STEEL RISES at Jamshedpur, where we have been invited to participate in a delegation

from the Dutch (client) University, we are working on an international comparative

analysis in Europe focusing on how large steel companies like TATA Steel (the new

owners of CORUS in the Netherlands) are grappling with the complex issues, that come

up in dealing with on the one hand social compulsions and on the other economic

opportunities. In simpler terms how will they manage to get farmers to work in

manufacturing industry, and train them to get an alternate job? For India at large there

is a tremendous opportunity to move agricultural labour into the more value added

activities like manufacturing. The agricultural domain can be organized and managed in a

more efficient and effective manner without lowering crop yields. Our research, we

expect will throw up some actionable insights, in integrated model in which technological

and techno-economic aspects of India’s steel capacity expansion will be addressed. We

will engage our academic networks across Europe and Asia, to develop a learning

community looking at the process of industrialization of predominantly agrarian societies


and economies. In this way we hope to come up with a formula to enable large corporate

as TATA Steel – based on knowledge, of similar transitions in industrially developed

countries. For this work we seek collaboration from a variety of domains, to bring in

perspectives from economic history, developmental economics, as well as environment

and social sciences.

We are scheduled to present the interim findings together with Drs. Willem Viets, at the

TATA STEEL Rises International conference being organized at Jamshedpur, INDIA in

February 2008. This research currently being coordinated in Asia by Vijay Nagpaul and in

Europe by Vivek Nagpaul, who is also the program manager. Send us an email at

vivek01@planet.nl if you are interested in participating in this program.

Project 3: Fuel-efficient small cars, clean services and climate change

EuroAsian Business is pleased to announce a case study research of fuel efficient cars as

TATA MOTORS Nano, and other products and services as how smart technology can

deliver a higher standard of life on the one hand and yet not pollute the environment. We

are using the Blue Ocean Strategy Framework developed by W.Chan Kim and Renée

Mauborgne from the INSEAD Business School to look at how auto manufacturers like

Tata Motors create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant. We

are looking for partners from the car industry with plans to introduce fuel efficient small

cars in the Indian car market to participate and sponsor this research.

From academia we are keen to involve initiatives in the area of alternate energy and are

talking with some companies in this domain to develop a joint venture for this program.

We invite in particular (prospective) participants of the EuroAsian- Opportunity India

business and academic mission from the automotive sector that we are organizing from

Europe to India, in the period from 6-13 April 2008 to participate in this research. We will

be shortly initiating a meeting with TATA STEEL and TATA MOTORS to look at the

synergies between the program on sustainable regional development and fuel efficient

small cars, clean products and services to be our lead partner for this research in India

and the Netherlands. We are looking for companies also in France and Spain where we

will bring an automotive delegation from India and elsewhere in the period 9-14 June

2008 to contact us. For our mission to India we have space for 10 companies to join us,

so please contact EuroAsian Business, co-organizer, EuroAsian-Opportunity India Mission

to India, and Organizer, of EuroAsian mission to Europe, focusing on the automotive

industry, by email contact at vivek01@planet.nl or by phone, In India +91 522 2627905

and in Netherlands on +31 346 250530.


Project 4: Mobility for the physically challenged

One of my close friends, a professor in India, is on a wheelchair since 20 years. During

his travels in India and in Europe, we noticed the difficulty individuals with a handicap

phase in using public transportation, and the challenge for modern organizations and

society at large to ensure wheelchair friendly (accessibility is a key issue) environments,

a shower in a hotel in Nordhausen, Germany or a service apartment in Paris. We have

found that even conference centres and good restaurants of some 5 star hotels in

Bangalore and New Delhi are ill quipped to meet the specific needs of people on a wheel

We wish to sponsor a book/publication on how individuals as my professor friend on a

wheelchair manage the issues and challenges in terms of mobility. Please contact Vivek

Nagpaul, by email vivek01@planet.nl , program coordinator, with your ideas as to how

we can develop this manuscript and any suggestions on how we can secure funding to

support, this research.

Project 5: Internships in the domain of child education & character building

Vicky Sherpa Foundation- child education

Vicky Sherpa is an amazing personality whom Vivek Nagpaul met on one of his flights to

Barcelona his second home in Europe. Vicky Sherpa is an institution in herself. Have a

look at her foundation’s website http://www.eduqual.org/ to get a glimpse of this

wonderful social entrepreneur and her projects in Asia (Nepal).

Recently in his keynote address at Nyenrode University, H.E.Dr. Abdul Kalam, former

president of INDIA informed us that one of the most significant factors in building human

character is the primary school teacher.

Ambiteus Idealisme (Ambitious Idealism)

Another very admirable personality working hard for the children- living on the garbage

dumps in Guatemala is Dorien Claessen, a social entrepreneur and an expert in child

development. Her website (in Dutch) speaks for itself. http://www.ambitieus-

We have launched an initiative to assist students and managers, to find an internship in

any part of the world, and for anyone in our network who wishes to work as a volunteer

in such projects. We would be very keen to do this work in Africa, which we believe is the

future, and an ideal experimental ground to create an ideal society. We will be glad to

help coordinate the global connections for in particular our former course participants and


colleagues interested in contributing to these social and educational development


Additionally EuroAsian Business pledges its support to Vicky Sherpa Foundation and

Ambiteus Idealisme in their work in the area of child education and character building,

from any revenues that we will generate doing this.

On the research side we are keen to engage with professionals interesting in writing

about this, from both the academic context and the NGOs. We would like to develop the

theme of social entrepreneurship, and thus invite both scientists as well as companies

interested in the themes of child education and character building to contact us. We

would also be keen to discuss how we can set up a proper fund raising campaign to

support these wonderful initiatives. Please contact Program Manager- Vivek Nagpaul at

vivek01@planet.nl mentioning this project in the subject heading for more details and

with your creative suggestions.

Project 6: Entrepreneurship and Management in Healthcare

Over the years we have developed significant expertise trough our programs, courses

and workshops within the healthcare sector. Participants have been mostly managers

with approximately 10 years experience on average from hospitals, clinics, day care, and

elderly care context.

Also we have been involved in an interesting policy review project related to the Elderly

Care System in Catalonia for a major Dutch policy review consulting organization.

In India, Netherlands, Spain and many more countries across Europe, there is a very

strong interest in Elderly Care as more people can afford to stay away from the children

or those children who want their parents to be taken care of (and they are more and

more busy) can afford to provide for it. We are discussing with our (potential) partners

how we can create a project in bringing Indian institutions to Holland/Spain and maybe

also return visits to learn and share with other organizations in this domain, the best

practices, challenges and issues in creating and managing a sustainable healthcare and

elderly care system.

We are particularly interested in academic institutions with expertise and/or interest to

become more active in this domain. Through our 24hour- management instructor parcel

service- we can arrange for instructor and speakers within 24 hours (minus the travel

time) once we agree on the modalities. We are also keen to work with organizations

across the globe to design and conduct management training programs in this area.

For the delivery of these programs, we are looking for professionals who are working in

or having experience in the healthcare domain and in particular elderly care and care for


the physically challenged. For more information and to share your creative ideas please

contact program manager- Vivek Nagpaul, by email vivek01@planet.nl

Project 7: Tata Group: Associations with global companies / institutions

India’s Pride, the Tata Group comprises 98 operating companies in seven business

sectors: information systems and communications; engineering; materials; services;

energy; consumer products; and chemicals. Tata Group companies have several reputed

international business groups as partners. These global associates have been classified

according to the sectors in which they operate: Materials, Engineering, Information

systems and communications, Services. Energy and Consumer products,

Our Academy has initiative a project to look the factors influencing the formation,

functioning and results of the alliances of the TATA group companies. We are at the

moment focusing on TATA Steel and TATA Motors, and would like to integrate the body of

knowledge on alliances/collaboration already by the Universities and Business Schools

and other knowledge institutions like centres for entrepreneurship. Innovation, research

and development as well as the companies which partner with the TATAs.

From an empirical perspective the research focuses on the alliances of the TATA group

involving knowledge companies and institutions in India, Netherlands, Spain and France.

Using a survey, we will gain a broad understanding of the opinions and experiences of

the business and academic leaders involved in the different phases of the cooperation

process on the factors explaining success and failure. The research involving large

companies (like TATA STEEL and TATA MOTORS) and academic institutions (like

INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences) will be conducted using case studies for in-
depth analysis of the research questions applying an action research perspective. This

part of the research is closely tied to the EuroAsian Business’s consulting activities in

collaborations and partnerships.

The results of the survey and case studies will enable us to inform business and academic

leaders about the influence of communication and culture on the functioning and results

of collaborations, acquisitions and integration of those acquisitions (like CORUS). The

sample for analysis will be drawn using the network members and their engagement in

collaborations such as academia-industry partnerships, but also knowledge institutions in

Europe, with partners in India or interested in doing educational business with India. We

will build this initially between the Netherlands and India, extend this to EU-India and

then global in a phased manner. However, country specific research is also possible, for


instance looking at alliances between TATA group with companies and academic

institutions in Spain and France.

Recruiting, developing, utilizing and retaining talent

The other key element to this project is managing talent, in particular the issue and

opportunity of mobility between India and Europe. For instance, European companies

both large and small have a great shortage of scientific and technical staff, whereas in

India there is rampant unemployment, and a huge untapped talent pool. The new

projects that TATA STEEL has launched will create more unemployment not within the

company but in the regions where the proposed plants are planned, as the areas are

largely agrarian and the farmers whose land has been acquired are going to be

displacement and deprived of their means of livelihood- namely farming.

Empirical work will focus on gaining a deep understanding from the perspective of

academic and business leaders on what it will take to develop collaborations, mergers

and acquisitions that will enable them to win the war on talent and how this will impact

the mobility of professionals between India and Europe. Results of our research will

provide business and academic leaders’ insights into the tools, and techniques and the

importance of culture, communication, and leadership in recruiting, developing, utilizing

and retaining talent.

Results and implications of both projects

Together, results from both these projects will be of significant value to the TATA group,

its partnering companies, academic leaders, internationalization, innovation and research

professionals as well as representatives for the promotion of trade, commerce and

foreign investment. All these organizations have a stake in developing and managing

collaborations, including mergers and acquisitions, new ventures and human resources.

The research will provide guidelines for fostering an entrepreneurial environment that

caters to the needs of industry (like TATA Steel) and academia to attract (technical)

talent. Moreover the research will inform companies on how to create and implement

appropriate HR management policies and practices based on enhanced cultural

understanding of the working practices to more effectively utilize and retain this talent.

Finally, the findings will benefit the participating organizations in India and Europe, as

well as the regional development institutions, investment agencies, city governments and

the like to become partners in progress.



This research will be coordinated by the alliance research group of our Academy. We are

in the process of drafting the introduction of a book with the provisional title:

TATAs Global Strategy: Developing and Managing Collaborations with

Companies / Institutions

This work will be edited by: Vijay Nagpaul and Vivek Nagpaul. Please contact us if you

wish to contribute to this work?

Project 7: Fund Raising from Xaverians worldwide for building 2nd Campus of

St.Xaviers College Kolkata, India

As Xaverian it is my honour to assist my Alma Mater- St. Xaviers Kolkata, India in raising

a few millions to fund the 2nd campus, and, scholarships for the talented students from a

humble background. We want to see more women leaders, and hence will like to support

them more than men. This means we will recommend from the total collection, 40% to

be provided to men and 60% to women. All funds can be directly transferred to the

Xaviers Educational Trust. I am including a letter from Fr. Mathew, Principal St.Xaviers

College to Xavierians hereunder for more details:

One hundred and fifty years letter to Xaverians

13 March 2008

Dear Xaverian,

I am writing this note to communicate to you as a one time student of St.Xavier’s of the


1. In another less than two years, your alma mater, St Xavier’s Kolkata will be

completing its quality educational service, at different levels. Many like you owe

much to the services of the school or college or both which have helped you to reach

where you are today! It is only fitting and just that we the beneficiaries acknowledge

with undying gratitude these contributions of St Xavier’s in our lives. 150 years is an

important mile stone in the life of an institution that need to be celebrated befittingly!

A committee has been set up, with Rev Fr George Ponodath S.J, the Rector of the

institution to plan for these celebrations commencing on 16th January 2010. Besides

the common celebrations by both the college and the school, I am sure each would

chart out their specific program of celebrations. The college Alumni Association has

called for a meeting of the members on Sunday 23rd where ideas will be shared as to

how to make the celebrations meaningful and socially relevant. Standing at the

threshold of the 21st century and looking at the challenges emerging at the higher

educational level, the alumni are of one mind that the first task is to help the

institution become relevant and meaningful. There is therefore an urgent need for the


college to develop a second campus of top international quality! If the alumni could

help in making this dream a reality, in terms of planning, collecting finance and

execution, it will be a great service to the generation of young men and women of

the city, the state and beyond!

2. I am planning, the itinerary is getting final shape, to visit our alumni/ae in the gulf

countries, Europe –Paris and Netherlands - UK, Canada and USA, and time permitting

Thailand and Singapore, to invite personally to the unique international gathering in

Kolkata in January 16th to 19th, 2010. On behalf of the college I am extending in

advance to each one of a personal invitation and warm welcome to your alma mater

and to the City of Joy! Kindly mark this date in advance... to make sure that you are

in Kolkata, in SXC, during those days. The details of the programme will be

communicated as soon as it is finalized.

3. I have in my possession names and e-mail ids of some of our Xaverians abroad. I

shall be happy if you could communicate to me names, addresses and e-mail ids of

College Xaverians for setting up the network. The more the names and ids, the better

will be our communication networking! Hope that you will take this request seriously.

With warm regards, FR P C MATHEW, S.J.


Appendix 3: Profile Vivek Nagpaul, CEO EuroAsian Business

Sponsor, Designer & Chairman Conference

Born in Lucknow, India in 1970.

Graduated from the University of Pune, India in 1991, with a Bachelors degree in

Commerce. 1st division. Moved to Netherlands, learnt Dutch, and the completed Masters

programme in Business Administration, and a Diploma programme in Human Resources

Development from the Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands in 1996.

Started working for University of Twente in 1997, involved in research of factors

influencing the use, functioning and outcomes of alliances involving Dutch Small and

Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs). Spent half a year in 1997 at Autonomous University

Barcelona, and Växjo University in Sweden attending the European Doctoral programmes

in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. In 1999 promoted the Alumni

network of this programme, which now has more than 200 members, mostly researchers

in over 75 countries. Participated in the Strategic Alliance Research Group studies in the

Netherlands, and worked on my PhD thesis till 2000. In this period also organized of over

13 information and recruitment seminars in various cities in India (New Delhi, Pune,

Mumbai, Lucknow) attended by over 1000 potential students, to promote Master

programmes of the University of Twente, and initiated talks for collaboration for the

University’s Business School with a potential partner in India. Supervised students, study

tour of Ireland, and start-ups, as also member of the program committee of an

International conference on High Technology Small Firms.

Then moved on to business, and founded Nirmal Career Development Group in 2001,

focusing on the guiding (prospective) students from Asian countries in selecting a

suitable higher education program in Europe and assisting them through the process of

obtaining admission, scholarships and a student visa.

In 2002 took up a lectureship in Business Administration, at the Leiden University and

taught there till 2005. Co-developed and conducted various courses: Human Resource

Management and Entrepreneurship in ICT & Life Sciences, Organizational Behaviour &

Leadership. Programme Management. In this period I have been also involved as co-
ordinator of for the Entrepreneurial Management for students of the Faculty of

Mathematics & Natural Sciences. Advised the dean of Leiden University’s Business School

on their INDIA Strategy, in relation to promotion and recruitment for the executive MBA

programme in New Delhi and Bangalore.


Left Leiden University in 2005 to work as freelance Business professor, and taught

Entrepreneurship and Management courses at Universities, Business Schools and

Universities of Applied Sciences in Netherlands, Spain, Germany and India. These

include: Human Resource Development and Management, Business Development, New

Business Ventures, Doing Business with India, International Communications and

Negotiations, Organisation and Management, Management of Change, Media

Communications, Developing and Managing Alliances and Partnerships. To date Vivek has

taught more than 30 MBA courses, to over 300 managers from 200 plus companies

operating in Europe and India.

Vivek helps knowledge organizations (educational institutions and companies as well as

training companies) in programme and curriculum development. Most the courses

mentioned above have been developed or co-developed by Vivek. Also he has been the

lead developer of the accreditation document for a Masters programme in Culture,

Change and Management, and, courses like Vision and Strategy, HR-Performance

Management, Personnel Management, and Human Resource Development.

Vivek has been in involved in different (consulting) projects within the Education sector,

focusing on the Academia-Industry interface, involving projects as MBA/Master

programme development, programme evaluation and quality management, accreditation,

student recruitment and help setting up international partnerships for educational

institutions. In 2007 Vivek founded EuroAsian Business, a small specialized consulting

firm based near Amsterdam in a village called Breukelen, in Netherlands. Using a well

developed network and a freelance organization, EuroAsian has a presence in the main

English speaking countries for Higher Education, and, strategically focused on India. It

provides clients from business, government and academia, an All-India cover, and offers


Consultancy services to facilitate the initial contact (in the partnering process) to develop

collaborations with Indian and European knowledge organisations.

Business services for European and Indian companies and organizations to target India

or Netherlands (as a destination for foreign investment, and for launching their European

operations). These include recruitment, selection and training of staff and executives.

Academic and business delegations to India and Europe to explore opportunities for

collaboration, including joint programmes, staff and student exchange, but also (new)

business development.


Courses, training, roundtables and workshops on topics related to Entrepreneurship and

Management, for educational institutes and companies.

Organizations where Vivek has taught and trained:

IIM-Bangalore, India

Pompeu Fabra University-Barcelona,Spain

Leiden University- Netherlands

Fachhochschule Nordhausen, Germany

Maini Auto Agencies, Pune, India

EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain

NCOI Business School, Hilversum, Netherlands

International School of Business & Media, Bangalore, India

EAE Business School, Spain

ABN AMRO Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Executive Education Centre (Idec) in Barcelona, Spain.

Symbiosis International University, Pune, India

Research and EuroAsian conferences

Vivek is writing a book based on his consulting experience on the communication and

culture aspects of success of collaborations involving knowledge institutions in India and

Europe. He has actively participated in more than 35 international conferences in Europe,

India and USA in the field of Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Alliances

and Information Technology. He is organizer and chairman of the EuroAsian conference

and roundtable series. More details on the conferences, as also a list of publications and

lectures is available upon request.

Last updated 13 March 2008

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